Bone Gule

Bone Gule

Bone Glue us usually use for pasting


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  • CAS No.: 9000-70-8
  • Other Names: Animal bone glue
  • MF: C102H151O39N31
  • EINECS No.: 232-554-6
  • Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
  • Classification: Other Adhesives
  • Main Raw Material: Other
  • Usage: adhesive
  • Brand Name: Gelken
  • Model Number: SF12237
  • Name: Animal bone glue
  • Color: yellowish
  • Granule size: 4-40mesh
  • jelly strength: 80-260bloom
  • viscosity: 30-60mps
  • heavy metal: <40ppm
  • PH: 5.0-6.5
  • Moisture: <13%
  • Ash: <1%
  • Total micro bacteria: <1000ppm
Packaging Details:25kg per bag; 16mt load 20’FCL, Woven bag outsie and plastic bag inside.Delivery Time:10 DAYS for animal bone glue

1)Origin:bovine bone
2)Color: light yellow-Brown
3)Jelly strength (12.5%): 100-500bloom

Animal bone glue
Product Specification
Physical and Chemical Items Food Grade Pharmaceutical Grade Industrial Grade
Jelly Strength (6.67% 10°C) 100-220Bloom 100-250Bloom
Jelly Strength (12.5%10°C) ≥170
Viscosity (6.67% 60°C)mps ≥60
(12.5% 60°C)mpa.s ≥2.0 ≥1.8
(15% 40°C )ºE ≥5 ºE ≥5 ºE
The viscosity break down % 40°C24(hour) ≤10%
PH (1%) 40°C 4.5–7 4.0-6.5 4.5–7
Moisture ≤14% ≤14% ≤16%
Ashes(600°C) ≤2.0% ≤2.0% ≤2.5%
Clarity 5% ≥50mm 5% ≥50mm 5%
Sulphur dioxide ≤50mg/kg ≤50mg/kg
Arsenic (AS) ≤1.0mg/kg ≤0.8mg/kg
Heavy Metals ≤50mg/kg ≤50mg/kg
Insoluble substance in water 0.20% 0.20% 0.50%
Microbial Tests
Total Bacteria Count(cfu/g) ≤1000 ≤1000
Escherichia coli (in10g)
Salmonella ( in 25g)
Particle Size: 8Mesh-60Mesh
Apperance: Light yellow or yellow
Smell: no peculiar smell
Packing: Poly Bag Inner, Woven Bag outer, 25KGS per bag
Origin: Free of B.S.E. Disease and from herds that do not present any case officially proved of B.S.E. Virus until now.
Handling and Storage Store in a cool dry place. Do not get in eyes, on skin, on clothing, wash thoroughly after handling
Quality guaranteed period: 2 Years

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